Compact radio transceiver and antennas ideal for portable or man-carried applications. The radio/antennas have very low weight and are to be mounted on top of a helmet. The radio has two Ethernet connections and military grade rugged for harsh environments with a special easy-to-clean connector for mud and dust. The unit is waterproof including full submerging in water (IP68). The unit also has built-in GPS and options for insertion of short range wireless interfaces to connect to user terminal equipment such as PC’s, pads, and mobile terminals. The unit has embedded AES-256 encryption in hardware. The maximum user data throughput is 15 Mbps. Supply voltage is 9-36 VDC. Dimensions are 146 × 78 × 43 mm. Weight is 295 g.

This ITAR-free product has the following features:
* C-band phased array tactical wireless radio
* IP centric/ad hoc network operations
* AES-256 link encryption hardware
* Built-in GNSS/GPS for blue force tracking
* Optional wireless interfaces Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
for local area equipment connection
* Unmatched bandwidth and range
* Field proven
* Radio and antennas integrated
* Easy to install and operate
* Option for helmet mounting

  • Electrical parameters:
    Power supply: 9-36 VDC
  • Data interface: 2 x Ethernet 10/100baseT
  • Wireless parameters:
    Available data capacity: 15 Mbps
  • Wireless encryption: AES-256

For more information, download datasheet.