Compact and light weight radio transceiver designed for integration into small unmanned systems. The radio has RF connectors for external antennas. The radio has a one Ethernet connection and one serial interface. The unit has embedded AES-256 encryption in hardware. The maximum user data throughput is 15 Mbps. Supply voltage is 9-36 VDC. Dimensions are 120 × 65 × 14.8 mm. Weight is 85 g.

This ITAR-free product has the following features:
* Radio module for integration in
– Unmanned vehicles
– Portable solutions
* C-band phased array tactical wireless radio
* IP centric/ad hoc network operations
* AES-256 link encryption hardware
* Unmatched bandwidth and range
* Field proven
* Low weight
* Easy to install and operate

  • Electrical parameters:
    Power supply: 5 VDC
  • Data interface: Ethernet 10/100baseT
  • Wireless parameters:
    Available data capacity: 15 Mbps
  • Wireless encryption: AES-256

For more information, download datasheet.